NAURU GAME for Active Citizenship of Youth

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The project “Nauru Game for Active Citizenship of Youth” aims to stimulate citizenship mindset and develop citizenship competencies of youth learners by development of an innovative educational tool “Nauru Game”. The project is in direct correlation with the EU policy in the youth learning field, taking that the proposed method is expected to contribute towards increased empowerment, open to cross-sectorial cooperation, active citizenship and improve their relevant and high-level basic and transversal competences in a life learning perspective.

The end users of the project are young people who will become the players of innovative educational tool “Nauru Game”. Through this simulation tool we want to let the youth experience the complexity and diversity of democracy process like politics or environmental issues. In order to develop the tool we will create 3 versions of workshops scenario and will train high-level basic and transversal skills of youth based on social and civic competence, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and mathematical competence and basic competencies in science and technology. The youth equipped with experience and competencies will be
better prepared to take an active part in democracy process in their local environment.

To achieve the main goal of the project we want to focus on educators who will deliver the innovative tool as a part of their educational activities. We will create methodology of running the workshops for educators, workshops scenario, video-guides to fully equippe the educators. Nauru Game answers the need for new, effective education tool which is free to use and easy to implement in educational activities of educators. To eliminate barriers of youth educators the program will be available on an elearning platform which allow to be widely used by teachers, coaches, youth workers, educational institutions, libraries, NGOs and public institutions in the European Union. The implementation of this objective will affect the priority Open and innovative education, training and youth work, embedded in the digital era.


  • to promote open and innovative education, experiential learning, self-development and transversal skills of the youth through highly participatory and engaging tools
  • to enhance pro-ecological attitudes, the sense of entrepreneurship and active participation in democratic processes among the youth
  • to cooperate for innovation and the exchange of good practices across Europe
  • to support collaborative approaches to teaching and learning across Europe through fully accessible e-learning platform

Expected results:

  • New Shores – a game for democracy: an online game for young learners
  • Methodology: a tool aimed to support educators
  • E-learning platform: an online platform, where educators can get to know both the game and the methodology
  • Educational materials: tools to support educators in learning about the game, the methodology and the online course

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action type: Strategic Partnerships for youth
Identifier: 2016-3-PL01-KA205-035320

Start date: 01.02.2017
End date: 31.01.2019
Duration: 24 months
European Commission contribution: € 87 810


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Founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

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