Self-consciousness and the World

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In August 2019 our first European Solidarity Corps volunteering project has started! We are very excited to welcome our first volunteer, Tamás Török from Slovakia. Tomi has studied economics and company management originally, buti n the recent years he started o become interested in social sciences – this is how our paths crossed. He contacted us already in 2017, during our first EVS project. At that time he didn’t join, but now he happily became our first ESC volunteer.

Tamás will spend 9 months with us, at first getting to know the life of the Rogers Academy, then after a while getting familiar with our educational projects as well. This is how we envision introducing him all the work we have doni n the world of non-formal and informal learning and teaching, hoping that he will be able to use these methods in his work later on. We also hope that he can serve as a role model for our students: by deciding, as a young person himself, to try himself out abroad, he can show an example to our students about mobility, openness and the spirit of trying out new things.

Programme: European Solidarity Corps
Type: Volunteering projects
Starting date of the project: 01/08/2019
End date of the project: 31/07/2020
Duration: 12 months
Project number: 2019-2-HU01-ESC11-061379
EC contribution: 6 616 EUR

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