Growing by Learning: Person-centred Education in Action

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In January 2022 Ajnácska Vermes arrived to us from Slovakia, as part of our second European Solidarity Corps project! It was a difficult journey, as the COVID-19 pandemic almost made it impossible for us to host a volunteer, but in the end we could finally implement the program, thanks to some changes and to Ajnácska’ enthusiasm!

The ESC programme was created to provide an opportunity for young people to participate in programs, either in their home country or abroad, that serve the benefits of the community. In Rogers Foundation we have been working with this program for several years now, Ajnácska is our fifth volunteer already.

The main objective of our project was to spread the person-centred approach: ont he one hand we wanted to introduce our activitie to our volunteer, hoping that they will take it with themselves, and on the other hand to provide them a person-centred learning environment, in which they can personally advance themselves. Volunteering abroad is a wonderful opportunity for any young person to try themselves out in a possibly unknown work environment, while they take responsibility as a member of the community, learning to respect each other’s differences.

Programme: European Solidarity Corps
Category: Volunteering projects
Identifier: 2020-2-HU01-ESC11-079052

Start date: 01.09.2020
End date: 31.08.2022.
Duration: 24 months

Maximum funding received from European Committee: 6.761 EUR

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