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Mobility for youth workers
Băile Herculane, Romania
5-11 September 2017

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The aim of this training course is to bring together 28 youth workers (professionals and volunteers) involved in non-formal education from six European countries (Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Turkey and Spain) to reflect on challenges of youth employability, by developing communicational skills. It takes place in September, 2017 in Băile Herculane, Romania and is hosted by Youthopolis (Romania). The training is implemented in the frames of the “Erasmus+” programme of the European Commission.

The necessity of this project starts from the need of youth workers to grow at personal and professional level by developing communicational skills. As a result of conducted surveys, debates and questionnaires in our organizations, youth workers considered that mastering communication will definitely lead to the raise of self-esteem, improvement of negotiation, taking decisions and teamwork abilities, essential competencies required in the efficient access in the labour market.

Starting from the definition of people as human beings, we all need social interaction, feedback and acknowledgment of who we are in the complex process of personal development. According to sociologists, the effective communication answers to 5 fundamental needs which represents, at the same time, the aim of any communication process:

  • the need to share information
  • need to be understood
  • need to be valued and appreciated
  • need to influence the others
  • need for intimacy

We consider effective communication is the key to win our way to success – personal or professional. Developing communication skills can help all aspects of life, from professional life to social gatherings and everything in between. The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended, is a vital life skill and something that must not be overlooked in particular communication skills in the labour market than hard or technical skills. The formal education doesn’t cover these needs at all. It is true not just for young people entering the labour market but also for young people who are already in the market and want to develop themselves as professionals. Almost for all possible occupation there need to communicate with customers or colleagues or supervisors. For any managerial position there is need to communicate with group of people, motivate them, give feedback, etc. Our aim is to use youth workers as multipliers and practitioners of advanced communication skills and methods of developing them, and use that to help young people in transition from school to labour market, increasing the level of personal development, integration on communities and societies and, on long term, improve the quality of life.

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning mobility of individuals
Action type: Mobility of youth workers
Identifier: 2016-3-RO01-KA105-035580

Start date: 05.31.2017
End date: 12.30.2017
Duration: 7 months
European Commission contribution: 20.168 EUR


Founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

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