Our foundation consist of the Project Team and the Rogers Academy

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Project Team

Éva Virág Suhajda PhD

Executive Director

She is the director of the Rogers Foundation. She has three Masters degree, and a PhD of linguistics and communication, as well as having been trained in numerous non-formal programmes. She is a trained psychodynamic dance- and movement therapist, Metamorphosis Folk Tale Therapist, and a person-centred counsellor. During the last years she has worked as researcher, developer and trainer in the field of resilience-development, play pedagogy, drama pedagogy, adventure pedagogy, sustainability education and talent development in projects organized by the Rogers Foundation as well as other NGOs. Having been a trainer for 28 years, she is responsible for the high level of quality of the accredited and non-formal training programmes of our Foundation.

Zsuzsa Vastag

Project Manager

She has an MA in Psychology, specialized in Clinical Psychology at the Károli Gáspár Reformed University in 2015. She has joined Rogers Foundation in 2012 during her university years as a volunteer project manager, and after finishing her studies as an employee. Since 2012 she gained great experience as an international project manager, and later as a researcher as well. Upon completing the two-years long train the trainer program of the Foundation, she has been leading training courses as well, specializing in teacher trainings on emotional intelligence development resilience development. She has spent a year in Finland as a volunteer within the European Voluntary Service programme, where she has worked with mentally handicapped people.

Dóra Vera Halász

Project Assistant

She has an MSc in Geology followed by postgraduate studies in Environmental Management. Later she received her diploma as a Mental Health Expert. She has attended more than 20 different courses that dealt with body awareness techniques and has also been trained as a mentor for contemporary dancers and musicians. Right before being employed by Rogers Foundation she worked as an interviewer and conducted more than 60 interviews with pedagogues and headmasters all around in Hungary as a part of the INNOVA project lead by the Higher Education and Innovation Research Group at Eötvös Loránd University. She started working for Rogers Foundation in September 2019 as a program coordinator.

Réka Sára Angyal


She graduated as an economist in Slovakia at the Selye János University in 2009 specialized in business management. After her graduation she established her own company, where she was the CEO for 15 years. Meanwhile she has participated as a volunteer in Hungarian associations as project manager and programme organizer, too. As a community manager she is organising folkdance camps and dance houses for more ten years. She also teaches folk dance in many educational institutes. In 2016/2017 she participated in the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Internship Programme in France, and between 2018 and 2020 in the Petőfi Sándor Internship Programme in Romania, both of which programmes mission is to strengthen Hungarian cultural identity and keep traditions among Hungarians living abroad. She is working for Rogers Foundation from 2020 as a projectmanager.

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Rogers Academy

Katalin Csizmazia


She graduated in Spanish and English at the Faculty of Humanities at ELTE. She started to teach in traditional schools. For some years, she lived a ‘double life’: she was working in a regular school and at the same time in an alternative school, in Rogers. Since 1990 she worked only for Rogers School, where she was responsible for the building up of the secondary school section. Since September 2012, she has been the Head of the Rogers Academy, the successor of Rogers High School. She has got two sons and a daughter.

Katalin Kostyál

Education Organizer,

She graduated as a primary school teacher in 1988 in visual arts and English. From 1989 she took part in the founding of the Carl Rogers Person-Centered School in Budapest, where she became a class teacher and later a working group leader. From 2006, she continued to work in the high school department of the school, and from 2012 in the Rogers Academy as a mentor to develop the pedagogical work of the Rogers attitude with adolescents. In addition to pedagogical work with school-age children, he has participated in several domestic and international pedagogical projects, partly as an expert and partly as a leader in piloting processes. In 2019, she completed the 240-hour ‘OD2 Organizational Development Bachelor’ program with a specialization in person-centered approach. In 2020, she graduated as a psychodrama assistant. In addition to working with students, she uses the knowledge of both trainings during professional coaching and supportive conversations with co-workers.

Éva Markovics

Education Organizer,

She graduated as a math teacher and later in Hungarian language and literature at Eötvös Loránd University. She lived in Ireland for nearly four years, where she taught mathematics to students with SNI in a six-grade boys’ high school. She specializes in helping adolescents with atypical development, developing a positive relationship with learning, and professional support in finding their individual paths. She regularly holds and participates in trainings and conferences. She has been working at the Rogers Academy since 2012, where she develops teaching materials for students with atypical development. In her work, personal relationship and a new approach to the role of teacher play a prominent role. In her view, the teacher is not the owner and transferor of knowledge, but the helper and supporter of the student’s learning. She has three teenage children and two dogs.

Bálint Őry

Education Organizer,

Bálint holds a master’s degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Vienna and an undergraduate degree in Biology from ELTE, Budapest. He joined Rogers Academy in 2018, working partly as a person-centred mentor in topics such as ecology, biology, scientific thinking and english. He also plays a lot of table tennis with the kids. And partly, he is responsible for building an international network of Rogers-inspired institutions across Europe. He has given workshops on person-centred versus democratic education at the conference for democratic education, IDEC/EUDEC 2019 in Ukraine. Balint is also involved in the Erasmus+ project ‘Building Capacity for Transformative Learning’ with the project team. In his scholarly work, he focuses on the philosophical underpinnings of bodily feelings and their therapeutic applications in somatic practises. He is an external lecturer at the Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna. Earlier, he worked in catering, he was managing a vegan restaurant in Scotland for three years and was an Austrian Barista Champion in 2017.

Ágnes Dibó

Education Organizer,

She has an MSc of History and French Language Teacher, and started to teach in Rogers Person-Centered School of Budapest in 2004. In 2005 she has participated in the foundation of Rogers High School. She has been working for Rogers Foundation’s education project (Rogers Academy) since 2012, as a mentor and organizer of non-formal learning programs. She also works on the elaboration of History and Social studies education programs.