Our Mission

All people are valuable.

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Based on Carl R. Rogers’s thoughts, we believe that a person can understand and fulfil him or herself through live, personal experiences and in relationships of positive regard and real acceptance.

Our mission is to make people conscious about the importance of acceptance by experiencing it, and to provide places for real encounters, overcoming all obstacles.

For this purpose, we organize and run educational, experiential activities, and research and development services.

As a permanent educational institution we maintain the successor of the Rogers Secondary School, the Rogers Academy where young people looking for an alternative for traditional education can find their place. As we experience people find us either for our value system, or for dealing with learning and behavioural problems. As a registered Talent Point, we also regularly organize talent development programs.

Besides our permanent activities in the last ten years we have implemented more than 50 educational projects in different areas but with common approach: drama pedagogy, art therapy, free play, game-based learning, emotional intelligence, systems thinking, leisure time pedagogy, talent development, e-learning, sustainability education, human rights and equal opportunities, person-centred organizational development.

We have a well-developed network of connections within Hungary. We are members of the Talent Assisting Network, the Council Assisting Talents with Special Needs, the Zero Waste Network as well as the Rogersian person-centred network.

Internationally we are members of international networks, such as the Real World Learning Network, Initiative for Equality, the European Network on Inclusive Education and Disability, and the Resilience Connection Network. Through our membership we are actively engaged in international youth and education policy, and participating in relevant calls and actions.