Why and what?

We see a decreasing motivation for learning among our pupils. We see that more and more teenagers can't see the point in „traditional" education, why to go to school and what to do there at all. We see that employers struggle with newcomer young people who have no motivation, no experience in working together and no sense of responsibility for their work and learning process –because they never needed them during their studies.
The Rogers Academy is a ground-breaking approach to education for teenagers. This is a pilot project that can solve the problem of an increasing number of pupils not only in Hungary, but after adaptation in other countries too. We believe this is the school of future, where children can advance their natural talents and interest, learn the responsibility and skills for their later work and carrier, and keep their motivation for learning – which is a key factor for their future success.

Our service

We offer to our pupils a non-school like, but still safe and controlled space for teenagers (from 6th to 12th grade), where they can work on themselves, find their talent, and re-find their motivation for learning, which is as normal for people as breathing from the moment of birth.

We offer our pupils

  • person-tailored education programme with expert mentoring,
  • non-violent peer community,
  • special active, situated, cooperative, arts, playful experiences to learn new things about the world and herself
  • higher number of mathematics and English as a foreign language classes with non-traditional teaching methods to get more successful in these areas
  • well-trained teachers to learn traditional subjects – if chosen
  • independent, non-subjective examination opportunities for traditional school advancing / final exam in high-level secondary schools of Budapest

Who are we?

A group of committed educators with more than twenty years of experience in Carl Rogers' person-centred approach, and its practice in public education and adult education. We base our teaching on person-centred approach, cooperative, situated and experimental learning, and the up-to-date finding of cognitive neuroscience

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