artpad colorARTPAD aims to support the engagement of children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in formal and non–formal education to help prevent early school leaving.

The goal is that teachers and youth workers taking part in the pilots will have improved their understanding of play and developed skills in drama techniques in order to apply them within their work. The aim is to give them tools to support participants from disadvantaged backgrounds in engagement in formal and non–formal learning and education. This will ultimately enable practitioners to perform at a higher level in their teaching through gaining greater knowledge and confidence in order to maximise the potential offered by drama and play to support learning both inside and outside the classroom, thereby improving the whole-school environment for pupils. Longer term the project will generate insights into educational delivery and learning environments. The impact for institutions and
teachers is that the project will lead to better, more efficacious learning opportunities for children and young people.

The project runs for 36 months from 1st September 2015. The initial phase of the project includes visits to each country to share examples of good practice currently delivered by specific practitioners, organisations and individual projects. As a result of a thorough research phase, partners develop a best practice guide for leaders of settings; subsequently the new course will be developed and produced prior to piloting in each partner country. Following the piloting and associated feedback, the materials will be finalised and the work will be disseminated through articles and other lobbying activity. Running alongside this activity is project evaluation to support the recommendations at the end of the project. Localised engagement/ dissemination activities will ensure an effective opportunity to spread the learning from the project.

The ARTPAD project is a three year project led by Playwork Partnerships  and the Drama Department at the University of Gloucestershire  funded by Erasmus+. The project is a partnership of 5 EU countries including:

Agreement number – 2015-1-UK01-KA201-013630

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ARTPAD - Hungary

  • Development through play and drama – Day of Joy

    At the 21st of February 2017, a „Day of Joy” will be organized in Budapest, Hungary, as part of the 

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ARTPAD - Documents

  • ARTPAD - Best Bractice Guide

    This Best Practice Guide was developed within the ARTPAD (Achieving Resilience Through Play and Drama) project (2015-18) and with funding from

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